The primary aim of the Aviation Focus Group (AFG) is to provide a forum for the exchange of views on issues of interest to members. It meets for lunches three times a year at the RAF Club at 128 Piccadilly, in Central London, at which a prominent person is invited to speak. There are also other functions including an annual Dinner for members and their partners. The AFG, which has a members-only group on LinkedIn, has expanded rapidly since its inception in 2000.


Membership of the AFG is open to retired officers of the UK and allied armed forces who, at the time of joining, have active links to the aviation industry. Additionally, serving members of the Armed Forces within a year of retirement may be offered membership. Membership may be retained without limit of time, subject to the Constitution & Rules of the Group.


Membership is by invitation and to find out more,  Click Here for the Membership Secretary.

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